Rogers unveils new U.S. monthly roaming packs

Rogers CommunicationsRogers Wireless this week announced new U.S. monthly roaming packs. These build on the US$7.99 plan launched back in May. Since then, Rogers has also signed a U.S. LTE roaming agreement with AT&T. A closer look at the new plans shows that Rogers has, in some cases, doubled the data and increased voice minutes by up to one hour available.

Customers are automatically enrolled in the CA$7.99 per day plan when travelling to the U.S. Adding roaming or to change the selected plan can be done by texting TRAVEL to 7626 or via PC or wireless device at any time.

Here are Rogers’ new U.S. roaming plans:

ServiceOne-Time FeeBucketDuration
(Minutes)(Sent Text*)(MBs)
Daily Standard Rate$7.99/50MB--5024 hours
Talk & Text - Small2025100-1 month
Talk & Text - Large40100Unlimited-1 month
Talk, Text & Internet – Small4050Unlimited2001 month
Talk, Text & Internet – Large80100Unlimited5001 month

Rogers provides a data calculator to help customers see how much data they’ll need on their trip as well as tips for travelling with an Android device, or managing and tracking data usage.

Source : Rogers Redboard