Images of LG-built Google Nexus 10 leaked?

Rumoured Google Nexus 10 by LGThe saga of the second-generation Google Nexus 10 took an interesting twist this weekend. New images surfaced on Reddit that suggest that LG is behind it. Earlier rumours had suggested that ASUS would be building it.

One image (seen below) comes from a less than happy O2 UK employee. The watermarked image shows a tablet with a thinner bezel, a front-facing speaker located at the top of the device when held in landscape mode and Android 4.4 KitKat with the Google Experience launcher. It also reveals a price of £299 (about CA$500). Given that this is O2’s price, it’s likely to be for a cellular-enabled model, suggesting that the Wi-Fi-only model could sell for less.

Rumoured Google Nexus 10 by LG

The second image (seen at the top), since pulled down but not before PhoneArena managed to snag a copy, shows a very similar tablet. This time, it’s watermarked by LG and is identified as the LG-V510. If the model number seems familiar, it’s because it has already appeared on the Bluetooth SIG website, leading to speculation that it could be a Google Nexus 8 tablet.

The translation of the Reddit post also gives us a possible launch date: November 22. It also confirms that at least one model will support LTE connectivity and that black and white models will be offered.

We’ll definitely keep an eye out to see whether Google launches this next-generation Nexus 10 tablet in the coming days. Until such an announcement, the usual pinch of salt is highly recommended.

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