Samsung Galaxy S5 to sport faux leather back?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 back closeup

Those hoping that Samsung was getting ready to leave behind its practice of using plastics for its flagship devices could be disappointed when the South Korean manufacturer unveils its next Galaxy S device. Contradicting earlier rumours that the Galaxy S5 would sport a metal case, a report by GalaxyS5Info citing “exclusive information” now suggests that it will instead continue to use plastics.

Supporting earlier reports, it appears that Samsung will reserve metal bodies for its rumoured higher-end Project F devices. These will be supplied by Catcher Technologies, a Taiwanese supplier already working with companies such as HTC and Apple.

Where does that leave the Galaxy S5? It looks set to adopt the faux leather look that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy Note 3. The report adds that a number of colours will be available, including the usual black and white as well as pink, lime and yellow.

As for timelines, a recent rumour suggested that Samsung was looking to unveil the Galaxy S5 in January over concerns of flagging Galaxy S4 sales. It would be followed by a Galaxy F smartphone sometime in Q2 2014.

While there is little corroborating evidence at this point, the report is certainly plausible when taken in context of Samsung looking to introduce a higher-end family above the Galaxy S one.  The move to faux leather would allow Samsung to describe it as an improvement over the Galaxy S4’s plastics and leave it the room to “innovate” further with the Galaxy F.

Let’s see how this one develops.

Sources : GalaxyS5Info // SamMobile