Video: Samsung Super Bowl ad

BlackBerry is not the only hardware manufacturer with an ad set for today’s Super Bowl. Samsung has Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen making a pitch to Bob Odenkirk for “The Next Big Thing.” As you would expect from such a cast, hilarity ensues.

Unlike many of Samsung’s past Next Big Thing ads, this one focuses on the company’s entire Galaxy lineup of smartphones and tablets (when not playing second fiddle to Rudd and Rogen) and does not poke fun at Apple.

As if there was not enough star power behind ad, it is reportedly directed by Jon Favreau who wrote and starred in Swingers and directed the first two Iron Man movies (among others).

I found the trailer, called El Plato Supreme, for the ad funnier so I include it here for your entertainment:

What do you think of the ad?

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