Samsung to unveil Tizen at Samsung Developers Conference in October

Samsung Developers Conference

Samsung will hold its first Developers Conference in San Francisco later this year Scheduled to run from October 27th to October 29th, it promises to let attendees “engage with industry leaders, collaborate with fellow developers and learn about new Samsung tools and SDKs.” While the company has yet to publish a list of panels and events, Tizen Indonesia has learned that the Korean company will use the event to formally launch Tizen likely with the first Tizen-powered smartphone alongside.

An earlier rumour had pegged the launch of the first Tizen-powered smartphone for October in five countries:  The U.S., China, France, Japan, and Russia. The two rumours line up quite well and may explain why Samsung reportedly decided to delay the launch by about two months.

Little is known about this first Tizen-powered smartphone. Past rumours hinted at two devices, one based on the Samsung Galaxy S III with a quad-core Exynos processor and a 720p display and a higher-end model. At least one may come with an OLED display.

Several conference sessions will also be devoted to the new mobile operating system and its SDK. The conference will also cover Samsung’s wide range of products including “mobile, Smart TV, connected devices and more” and will not be a Tizen-only affair.

As for registration for the Samsung Developers Conference, the virtual doors will open on August 26th. Tickets will sell for US$299 and only 1,000 will be available.

Sources : Tizen Indonesia // SamMobile // Samsung Developers Conference