Sony looking to rein in product leaks

Sony 'No More Leakage' poster

While the odd leak is a good way to create buzz about an upcoming product, leaks that reveal pretty much everything about a device prior to a press event is quite something else. Case in point: Sony did not have much to really unveil last month when it came to the Xperia Z1. It had all been leaked ahead of time through a series of leaks that go back to when the device was only known by its codename Honami. And the same appears to have already started about the Xperia Z2, the alleged successor to the Z1.

In a bid to save some of the mystery for the day of the announcement, Sony is reminding employees of some “prototype usage rules for confidential phones” with posters posted within some of its facilities:

  • Do not use phones without protective covers
  • Do not show phones to individuals outside of Sony Mobile (Unless NDA is signed)
  • Do not upload any pictures to social networks, public web pages, etc.
  • Do not use 3rd party benchmarking applications

Whether this helps Sony cut down on leaks remains to be seen. The fact that the new leakage posters have themselves been leaked is not an encouraging sign.

Source : PocketDroid