SwiftKey 4.3 to merge smartphone and tablet versions into single one


SwiftKey this week announced a new beta release of its very popular Android virtual keyboard SwiftKey. Despite being a point release, SwiftKey 4.3 promises some major new features. Billed as “a complete rethink on how you present your keyboard,” it promises far more flexibility as the variety of Android devices grows to cover a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Our extensive UX testing showed that the way people hold their devices when typing is evolving. For example, if you commute in a cramped train, you may want to type or Flow one-handed but when you’re at home editing a document on a tablet, you might be more comfortable typing with both thumbs when you hold the device.The decision over how the keyboard looks and where you place it is now literally in your hands.

Not only is SwiftKey merging its smartphone and tablets versions into a single one but it will also allow you to undock the keyboard from the base of the screen to not only resize it but also change its layout. Three layouts will be offered: a compact mode for one hand or gesture typing, a thumb mode that splits the keyboard into two for thumb typing and the traditional full-width keyboard with a tablet mode that offers a layout typical of physical keyboards with left and right cursor keys and the backspace located above the enter key.

SwiftKey 4.3 keyboard layouts

For those who want to try SwiftKey 4.3, keep in mind that it is still in beta and there are known issues that still have to be resolved. If you’re ready, the SwiftKey Layouts for Living beta can be downloaded at http://beta.swiftkey.net.

Source : SwiftKey