TELUS introduces “TELUS Neighbourhood” community forums

TELUS Neighbourhood

Much like several other Canadian carriers, TELUS has now enhanced its social media strategy with the launch of its “TELUS Neighbourhood” community forums. Customers now have one more way to get support from, praise, complain about or simply ask questions to  TELUS.

“Welcome to the TELUS Neighbourhood! This is a place for YOU to ask questions and get answers about TELUS services. Since we just launched the site we need your help to keep making things better. By posting questions or helping other members find answers you are helping the community grow and prosper. Why not get started by signing up today?”

Forum areas include Phones and Mobile devices, My Account and Billing, and Recent Solutions. Needless to say, they are moderated by TELUS employees.

Another way to engage with your carrier is always welcome.

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