TELUS to roll out WP8 GDR3 to Lumia 1020, 620 and 520 in January

Nokia Lumia 1020

TELUS had good news this week for owners of three Nokia Lumia devices. According to the November 26 version of its ‘Upcoming software updates schedule,’ the Lumia 1020, 620 and 520 will all be upgrade to the Windows Phone GDR3 (General Distribution Release 3) release sometime in January.

Microsoft announced the GDR3 release back in mid-October. It broadened Windows Phone 8 support to include quad-core processors and higher-resolution displays and introduced a number of new and enhanced features. Among them are a new Driving Mode to reduce potential driver distractions, improved Internet Sharing, broader use of custom ringtones, a new rotation lock option, improved storage management, an improved app switcher and improved connection quality for Bluetooth accessories.

Nokia is also bundling a number of exclusive Nokia features with GDR3, calling its latest update Lumia Black.

The TELUS update is set for sometime in January but a more specific timeframe is not available. It also warns that “expected dates are estimates and are subject to change.”

Source : TELUS