Two RIM BlackBerry 10 devices clear FCC?

Research In Motion will need to ensure that its upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphones have all their necessary certifications in place before they can be launched. One such hurdle appears to have been passed: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given its approval to two BlackBerry devices identified only as the RFF91LW and RFH121LW. Unfortunately, confidentiality requests have hidden away some of the more interesting documents including photos and the user manuals. Aside from the standard test results, we have an image of where the FCC label will go, giving us the silhouette of the device:

FCC label for RIM BlackBerry RFF91LW

The BlackBerry RFF91LW was cleared for AT&T’s LTE and GSM bands. Sample devices provided all ran OS 10.0.9. Less information is available about the BlackBerry RFH121LW but it does support North American bands as well as bands that “are not operational in North America.” It could be a world edition of the same device.

With the devices not being specifically identified, it remains a possibility that the devices cleared by the FCC are not the upcoming BlackBerry Z10 or X10 but one of the Dev Alpha device that developers have been provided to help them build their BlackBerry 10 apps. If so, it’s likely that similar filings exist for those devices.

All will be revealed on January 30th when RIM unveils BlackBerry 10 and its first two BlackBerry 10 devices at a number of worldwide launch events, including Toronto and New York.

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