FCC confirms upcoming round-faced ASUS ZenWatch 3

FCC label for ASUS ZenWatch 3

ASUS unveiled its ZenWatch 2 last year at IFA 2015. It was among a dwindling number of manufacturers to stick with a rectangular – albeit curved AMOLED – display for its smartwatch. Recent FCC documents now suggest that the ZenWatch collection is about to get its first round-faced model. A closer look at those documents reveals that the device bearing model number QWI503Q appears to be none other […]

New Moto 360 smartwatch clears FCC?

Rumoured Motorola Smelt

While Motorola yesterday unveiled two new Moto X and a new Moto G smartphones, it did not announce a successor to its Moto 360 smartwatch as we had been hoping. That it’s coming is not in question but when remains unclear although an FCC filing now points to a late summer or early fall launch. While the Lenovo-owned company was […]

Huawei Watch clears FCC

Huawei Watch

When recent rumours surfaced suggesting that the launch of the Huawei Watch had been delayed to at least September, we surmised that this applied only to China where the company was dealing with “incompatibility issues with Android Wear.” It also appears that certifications are taking some time and that this launch window may not be just for China. For example, the Huawei […]

Google Nexus 9 clears FCC as HTC 0P82100

FCC certification for HTC 0P82100

Back in August, the HTC 0P82100 got its Wi-Fi certification.It has now added the crucial FCC certification to its credentials ahead of its expected launch. What is the HTC HTC 0P82100, you ask? Past signs have suggested that it is none other than the oft-rumoured Google Nexus 9. While this latest certifcation does nothing to either prove or disprove this, the few […]

LG-VC100 smartwatch with SIM clears FCC

LG-VC100 FCC filing

Samsung has done it and it now appears that LG is about to follow in its footsteps. Rumours first surfaced back in May that LG was working on a new smartwatch with its own SIM card, allowing it make and receive calls without having to connect to another device. It now appears that this watch has gotten its FCC certification […]