Verizon raises monthly fees for extended warranties

Verizon increases Coverage

For those of you enrolled in Verizon’s Wireless Extended Warranty or Total Equipment Coverage (TEC), you will be getting a piece of mail in the next few days, regarding a rate increase. The TEC contains both your Verizon Wireless Extended Warranty and Asurion Wireless Phone Protection but only the Extended Warranty is receiving a slight increase, effective September 26th.

The dollar value of the increase is not earth shattering by any stretch of the imagination, but percentage wise it is disheartening. The Extended Warranty is increasing the monthly fee from US$1.81 to US$2.82 per line, only a US$1.01, but a whopping 55-percent increase for the Extended Warranty. When you add the monthly Phone Protection of US$5.18, which is staying the same at this point, the total monthly fee for the TEC is going from US$6.99 to US$8.00 per device.

It seems like everything goes up in price, but Verizon already has the most expensive coverage around. Verizon reminds us that over 200,000 phones are lost, stolen, or damaged every day, that is every day; possibly this increase is truly “our fault.”

Let us know in the comments if you carry this coverage and are upset about price increases caused by irresponsible customers.

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  1. Per the contract they made you sign…”The fee will be based on your equipment protection program and/or price plan. If, during the term of this agreement, you change your price plan or protection program, the fee may be increased.”
    Stick to the contract, and don’t let up!

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