Video: Internet Explorer 11 defends you against killer robots

Internet Explorer 11 anime ad

This is not quite mobile related but definitely fun and worth sharing. Microsoft has released an anime video ad for Internet Explorer 11. Called “Internet Explorer 11: The [Anime] Trailer!,” it apparently depicts the transformation of heroine Inori Aizawa that parallels Internet Explorer’s own evolution.

From running away from killer robots in a dystopian future, Aizawa goes on to become a powerful warrior that takes them on with increasingly powerful attacks.


Presumably the killer robots are viruses and other malware that Internet Explorer has learned to take on over the years. The suggestion is that Microsoft and Internet Explorer have gotten much better at dealing with various computer threats.


While the video may not sway you to abandon Chrome or Firefox, it is nonetheless entertaining. And the conclusion suggests that the story is not quite over.


Sources : YouTube // Canadian Reviewer