WOW! Mobile retail chain logo revealed?

Rumoured WOW! Mobile logo

The last we heard about WOW! Mobile, the new wireless retailer was gearing up for its launch with an “enhanced customer-focused approach, with unbiased advice and assistance.” While it has been quiet since, the company is making progress behind the scenes and is now recruiting full time Store Managers. The job posting also appears to have revealed the WOW! Mobile logo.

Aside from the logo, the job posting, which dates back to November 11, reveals little about the company’s plans aside from promising “a new way to shop for mobile service by offering a warm and friendly wireless journey focused on providing customer-centric solutions.”

WOW! Mobile mobile boutique locations will open in a number of malls but the exact launch time frame remains unclear. Back in October, it promised only to open in select markets “in the near future” with a wider rollout planned for 2014.

Marketing firm Match Transact will operate the kiosks on behalf of Rogers, TELUS, Koodo, Fido and Chatr (the last three being flanker brands for the first two).

It remains to be seen if this will be WOW! Mobile’s logo or if this is simply a placeholder used until the official one is unveiled.

Sources : Kijiji // MobileSyrup