Amazon makes changes to Comixology Android and iOS app payment methods

ComixologyAmazon bought Comixology, the well-regarded digital comic and graphic novel app, about two weeks ago. It has not taken long for Amazon to make changes to the Android and iOS apps and one of them is not sitting well with many users. Amazon has revamped the payment system on both operating systems and the changes are a step back for user convenience.

Things are not as bad on the Android side. The new Android app comes with a cart that allows you to check out once rather than having to individually make purchases. Not so good is that it is no longer possible to use Google Wallet to make purchases. Users will need to add in their credit card information into the app or connect their account to PayPal. Another change is that prices will not be localized outside of the .com, .fr, .eu and storefronts. And that localization will not happen until a credit card or PayPal account is registered. In Canada, that means that we will see prices in USD only.

On the iOS side, in-app purchases are gone completely. Purchases will need to be completed through the Comixology website instead.

The move aligns with the way that Amazon manages purchases through the Kindle app. With the changes, it avoids having to adhere to Apple and Google policies and service fees.

While it is understandable that Amazon wants to leverage its own payment systems rather than those of Google or Apple, the way it has gone about implementing changes is disappointing. It did not communicate changes in advance and offering a US$5 eGift Card credit to all those who have purchased through the ComiXology platform in the past is a poor substitute for more transparent communications with its new customers.

If you bought your comics through Comixology until now, will you continue to do so now? Let us know below.

Source : Comixology