Android 4.4.3 rollout pushed out

Android KitKat statue

A report earlier this week raised hopes that Google would begin to push out its oft-rumoured Android 4.4.3 update yesterday. While Nexus users everywhere may have been checking for the update madly, it has failed to materialize so far. According to the same source that provided AndroidGeeks the May 23 date reportedly late yesterday told them that Google had decided to hold off pushing out the update.

Assuming that the update was to have started rolling out yesterday, It’s not clear why Google decided to hold back. An additional change may be the cause of the delay though. It appears that Google may want to include a redesign of its three button layout.

Rumoured redesigned Android buttons

Not only will the icons be updated, the center button may also take on a greater role. In certain cases, the Home button might make way for a Google button that would launch Google Now. The company apparently hopes that this will make it more intuitive for users to bring up Google’s digital assistant.

If such a change is to be included into Android 4.4.3, it would certainly make it more than simply a maintenance release has had been expected up to now.

The report suggests another reason for the delay: Android Wear. That seems less likely though. Such changes are presumably larger than a maintenance release and are more likely be part of a larger release.

Our guess is that Android 4.4.3 will roll out before Google I/O in late June. A version of Android compatible with Android Wear devices could be announced as early as Google I/O perhaps as Android 4.5 Lollipop. Or Google may simply opt to roll out the changes initially planned for Android 4.4.3 into the next release so that it only has to manage one rollout.

At this point, only one thing is clear: We’re back to the waiting game.

Source : AndroidGeeks