Android Jelly Bean now on more than 60% of Android devices

Android version distribution - February 2014

The latest Android Platform Versions report is now available and Android Jelly Bean (versions 4.1.x to 4.3) is finally on 60% of the Android devices that accessed the Google Play Store during the 7-day period ending on February 4, 2014. In fact, when you look at Android 4.x as a whole, it is quickly closing on the 80% mark.

Since the last report was published last month, both Jelly Bean and KitKat have seen their shares increase as you would expect. Jelly Bean jumped 1.6% while KitKat had a more modest 0.3% increase. With KitKat still offered on a limited number of devices, it will be some time before it starts to see a more significant share.

Meanwhile, Gingerbread (2.3.3 to 2.3.7) finally looks poised to drop below the 20% mark, having dropped 1.2% in the last month alone.

As a quick comparison, Apple shows that iOS 7 is on over 80% of all iOS devices as of January 26, 2014. iOS 6 accounts for another 17% with older versions accounting for the last 3%.

iOS version distribution - January 26, 2014

Google regularly publishes the Android Platform Versions report to help developers decide versions of Android to support in their apps. It also gives us a snapshot at the state of the Android universe at a specific point in time.

Sources : Google Developers // Apple Developer