No Android L statue at Google (yet)

Google Android Statue gardenOur hopes were raised last week by a couple of pictures that Google might be getting ready to welcome a new Android statue at its Mountain View offices. With Android L widely expected to get its official launch in the coming weeks, we surmised that this could mean that an announcement could be imminent. Unfortunately, it now appears that we will have to wait a bit longer.

While some work did take place over the weekend, no new statue has appeared. A new picture courtesy of +ThomasDevauxPlus shows a crane in the foreground and the statue garden in the background. Some of the statues have been moved around but that’s the extent of it. No new statue is visible, shrouded in preparation for an announcement or not.

Here is what the garden looked like just a few days back:

Rumoured Android L statue arrival

It may well be that the work that took place this weekend was necessary to prepare the site for the arrival of the new statue but we are left to continue wondering if Android L will be named Lemon Meringue Pie, Lion (after a Nestle chocolate bar of the same name) or something else entirely.

We now resume our watch for the arrival of the Android L statue.

Sources : +ThomasDevauxPlus // AndroidSpin