Moto 360 with metal band coming soon to Verizon Wireless

Metal wristband Moto 360 Verizon pre-ordersThe Moto 360 certainly lived up to most expectations when it was formally unveiled last week. Announced on September 4 at a Motorola event in Chicago, it promptly sold out when it went on sale in the U.S. through Google Play and other channels. Only models with leather bands were available but we expect ones with metal wristbands to follow soon. In fact, Verizon may have inadvertently revealed exactly when they will become available. The site prematurely began to take pre-orders earlier today and showed that shipments would begin by November 11.

The pre-order page revealed that the Moto 360 with metal wristband will sell for US$299, US$50 more than the one with the leather band. Two models were listed: A white one which looks to be none other than the silver model and a black one.

Verizon has since pulled down the pre-order page but still shows the Moto 360 with metal band as being “out of stock but coming soon.” An “add to cart” button remains on the site but no longer works.

Metal wristband Moto 360 Verizon pre-orders

The Moto 360 smartwatch is coming to Canada later this fall but we don’t have specific details at this point. Only the leather band variants will initially be available.

Sources : Verizon Wireless // TK Tech News