Android takes to the road with new Open Automotive Alliance

Open Automotive AllianceAndroid is about to embark on a whole new journey. A number of automanufacturers and technology companies, including Google, today announced a new industry alliance that will bring Android to one of the most mobile devices ever: the car. Audi, GM, Google, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA have formed the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) with the goal of “accelerating auto innovation with an approach that offers openness, customization and scale.”

“Millions of people are already familiar with Android and use it everyday,” said Sundar Pichai, SVP of Android, Chrome & Apps at Google. “The expansion of the Android platform into automotive will allow our industry partners to more easily integrate mobile technology into cars and offer drivers a familiar, seamless experience so they can focus on the road.”

The integration of Android into vehicles will mean that millions of drivers will find a familiar and consistent interface when they get into their cars. It promises better integration between cars and Android devices as well as new Android platform features that will allow the car itself to become another connected Android device. Specific details are promised to be “coming soon.”

The first cars from the Open Automotive Alliance to feature Android integration will be available by the end of the year.

Who’s ready for more integration between their Android device and their car? Let us know below!

Source : Open Automotive Alliance