Apple iWatch with 2.5-inch display coming in October

Apple iWatch concept

Apple iWatch concept (

The evidence continues to grow that Apple will launch its iWatch in October. Following similar reports earlier this month, Reuters is the latest tor report that Apple will launch the iWatch “as early as October.”

One source added that the watch will sport a 2.5-inch display and will be “slightly rectangular.” Such a display is much larger than past rumours have hinted at. The watch face could also protrude slightly to give the watch an arched shape. It will also support a touch interface and wireless charging capabilities.

The report adds that Quanta has been chosen as the main manufacturer with LG Display providing the display and Heptagon providing the heartbeat monitor. The watch is now reportedly in trial production with mass production to start next month.

Apple is reportedly thinking that it could ship 50 million units within the first year. Even as wearables show strong growth, smartwatches have yet to crack shipments of a million units per quarter. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, shipments hit 700,000 units in the first quarter. IDC expects that the market could triple this year alone so Apple could still carve a sizeable niche in this market.

Source : Reuters