Apple to offer multiple iWatch models at launch?

Apple iWatch conceptWith the expected launch of the Apple iWatch getting closer, the rumour mill has picked up dramatically. A report earlier this week was the latest to peg the launch at an October time frame but unlike other rumours, it suggested that the Apple iWatch would come with a fairly large 2.5-inch display. A report by The Wall Street Journal now suggests that it may only be one of several models to be offered by Apple.

The report adds that Apple will cram 10 or more sensors into the iWatch that will pass health and fitness data to Apple’s new Health platform.

The report does not provide any information on how many models Apple could offer and whether they would all launch at the same time or in a phased approach. It does indicate though that Apple has lofty goals for its new wearable device. A source at a component supplier suggested that Apple could ship as many as 15 million units this year alone, giving credence to Reuters‘ claim that it was looking to ship 50 million units in the first year alone.

If multiple models are to be offered, we could see smaller models with displays in the 1.3- to 1.5-inch range along with ones with displays as large as 2.5-inch.

Reports earlier this week described the iWatch as being “slightly rectangular” (unlike the concept above) with a watch face that would protrude slightly to give the watch an arched shape. It will also reportedly come with a touch interface and wireless charging.

Source : The Wall Street Journal