Apple said to unveil first wearable on September 9

AppleWhile most expected Apple to hold a dedicated event to launch its first wearables, it now appears instead that this announcement will happen on the same day that Apple unveils its new iPhones. According to Re/code‘s John Paczkowski, Apple will announce “a new wearable,” the much anticipated Apple iWatch probably, along with the two new iPhones.

Remember back in June when I said Apple hoped to schedule a special event in October to show off a new wearable device? Remember how I also said this: “Could things change between now and fall? That’s certainly possible.” Turns out that was a prescient hedge, because things have changed. Apple now plans to unveil a new wearable alongside the two next-generation iPhones we told you the company will debut on September 9.

Paczkowski, who also broke the story about the September 9 press event, expects this new device to use both Apple’s new HealthKit health and fitness platform and HomeKit, the platform to control connected devices around the house.

While Paczkowski acknowledges that things could still change, it’s unlikely as Apple is expected to begin sending out invitations any day now.

A September 9 announcement is a good sign that recent rumours that the Apple iWatch would launch later than expected are incorrect.

As for that second event in October, it will not be cancelled and looks set to take place as planned. It may well be used to unveil Apple’s new iPads as well as other products (an Apple TV update perhaps).

September 9 promises to be a very exciting day for all Apple fans out there!


Source : Re/code