ASUS “postpones” Transformer Book Duet TD300

ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300

There have already been rumours that ASUS has either cancelled or at least delayed the launch of its dual-booting convertible Transformer Book Duet TD300 over “resistance from Google.” Billed as “the world’s first quad-mode, dual-OS laptop and tablet convertible” when it was announced at CES 2014, not only can this device run as a notebook or a tablet but it can also run both Android and Windows. Digitimes reports today that ASUS has now “postponed” plans to release the Transformer Book Duet TD300 “due to pressure from Google.”

The report suggests that the real winner behind such a device would have been Intel. The device would have helped increase its presence in this market segment. Microsoft and Windows might have benefited as well but probably less so than Intel and Microsoft may not have been too keen on sharing the limelight with Google. As for Google, it is likely better served by dedicated devices such as the ASUS Transformer Pad line (which could be refreshed soon) and it definitely does not want to see Windows gain any foothold in this space.

It appears that ASUS came up a device that could not please all the partners involved. While moving forward could help it strengthen some relationships, it would risk its business relationship with Google. Given how dominant Google is right now, it does appear that postponing or even cancelling the Transformer Book Duet TD300 would be the prudent course of action.

For its part, ASUS has yet to make an official statement. While this leaves the door open to an eventual launch, it could also lead to the same uncertain fate we saw with the Samsung ATIV Q, another dual-booting project that never got off the ground but never formally got cancelled either.

Source : Digitimes