More bad news for Samsung ATIV Q?

Samsung ATIV Q

The bad news continues to pile up for the Samsung ATIV Q, the convertible tablet that was to run both Windows 8 and Android. Following rumours that it was cancelled comes word that, even if not cancelled, it will not ship in 2013. This latest news comes from the German site, All about Samsung, who reached out to Samsung Germany for an update on the status on the device. While it is possible that the news only applies to Germany, it is more likely that it will apply globally.

Samsung’s answer does not provide any indication that the launch has simply been pushed out. The lack of any updated launch date and the continued absence of the ATIV Q on Samsung’s website suggests a more dire outcome.

As for what caused the ATIV Q’s launch delay or outright cancellation, there is still no official word from Samsung. Is it be a patent infringement issue as initially rumoured or is there something else holding it up, perhaps a manufacturing issue?

The report does hold out one glimmer of hope for those interested in the Samsung ATIV Q. It adds that the company’s answer appears to suggest that the hybrid device may reappear in the future but in a somewhat modified form.

Sources : All About Samsung // PocketNow