ASUS smartwatch teased for IFA 2014

ASUS IFA 2014 teaser

As promised when it announced that it would hold a press event at IFA 2014, ASUS today tweeted a teaser for the upcoming event. The image posted is pretty unambiguous: It shows a squarish silhouette with the tagline “Time has been transformerd and we have changed,” a quote from Khalil Gibran, a Lebanese artist, poet, and writer.

The image does give us a rough idea of the smartwatch’s shape. While it will not be square as the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live, it will not be round either like the upcoming Moto 360. It appears that ASUS has aimed for a shape that falls between the two but that will still support a square display.

Little is known about the ASUS smartwatch’s specifications at this point. Earlier rumours suggested that the device, codenamed Robin during development, could be the thinnest Android Wear device yet. It will reportedly sport an AMOLED display and sell for between US$99 and US$149, making it the cheapest Android Wear on the market. Will the rumoured price make it a favourite among consumers or will any compromises made to hit that price point instead turn them away?

The ASUS IFA 2014 press event is set for September 3. All should be revealed then if rumours don’t get to it first.

Source : @ASUS