Is this the BlackBerry Windermere’s 5-inch display?

Rumoured Blackberry 5-inch square displayDo you remember that odd-looking BlackBerry prototype that featured a square 5-inch display with a QWERTY keyboard below it? The device was reportedly a prototype for the BlackBerry Windermere. New images have popped up online, giving credence to the existence of such a device.

The images appear to show a 1:1 aspect ratio touchscreen display. The BlackBerry Q10 also sports a square display, albeit significantly smaller at 3.1 inches. Should BlackBerry be considering such a display for a successor such as the BlackBerry Windermere, it is likely that it would increase the resolution up from 720 by 720 on the Q10 to something closer to Full HD territory (1080 by 1080 perhaps?). But such a move would also require that BlackBerry 10 support a new video standard.

Just how big is this display? Here it is next to the LG G Optimus with its 4.7-inch display to give you a sense of scale:

Rumoured Blackberry 5-inch square display

Whether the BlackBerry Windermere (and assuming this could be its display) will remain a prototype or will eventually launch remains to be seen. BlackBerry’s new found focus on the enterprise space and a return to more classic designs, such as the BlackBerry Q20 coming this fall, suggests that BlackBerry may not move forward with this device. It’s very unlikely that BlackBerry can afford to take a chance on a rather unique smartphone design and see it flop when it hits the market.

Any takers for such a device? Let us know below.

Sources : TechGuyzz // N4BB