BlackBerry Windermere concept shows off three-row keyboard

BlackBerry Windermere concept

Very little had been known about the BlackBerry Windermere, the rumoured next high-end QWERTY keyboard-packing smartphone until earlier this week. First a strange looking prototype surfaced. It was quickly followed up with a report that BlackBerry was exploring a new keyboard design that would only have three rows of  keys to make them touch-sensitive to offer a new kind of typing experience that blends key presses and gestures.

The prototype was certainly not an attractive device but new BlackBerry Windermere concept images reveal what a more polished device could look like. It very much looks like the offspring of the BlackBerry Z30 and BlackBerry Q10 (see our review). Whether BlackBerry goes in this direction or not remains to be seen but the concept does confirm that such a device does not necessarily have to be ugly.

It’s not the first time that we have seen a concept of what the BlackBerry Q30 could look like. This one was made before we knew about the three-row keyboard:

BlackBerry Q30 concept

The BlackBerry Windermere is rumoured to be the next high-end QWERTY smartphone. It will reportedly be offered alongside the all-touch BlackBerry Ontario which recently got benchmarked with a quad-core processor and BlackBerry 10.3 in tow.

How do you like this new BlackBerry Windermere concept? Do you see yourself using such a device? Let us know below.

Source : CrackBerry