Analog watch doubles as wearable Carbon Solar Charger

Carbon Solar ChargerDespite the many advances we have seen in recent years in the mobile space, battery life remains one of the biggest frustrations. Most if not all of us have stories of our devices running out of battery life at some point through the day. A new Kickstarter project aims to remedy that by turning the watch that many of us still wear into an extra source of battery life. Rather than a multi-function extension of our smartphones, EnergyBionics wants to turn your wrist into a wearable solar charger that doubles as an analog watch. If your mobile device runs out of juice, you can turn to your Carbon Solar Charger for additional power.

The typical smartphone battery doesn’t last as long as we need it to. Carbon was designed to help solve this problem. Carbon offers you peace of mind knowing that you have an easy and sustainable way to power your mobile device. Carbon represents a new way of looking at power on the go.

Carbon Solar Charger

The Carbon comes with an 800mAh battery. That should be enough to give you up to three additional hours of battery life. Recognizing that the sun may not always be conveniently around, the Carbon can also be recharged by USB.

While the Carbon’s primary function is to be an extra source of power for your mobile devices, it is made more useful with the addition of an analog watch. The watchface is actually a thin film applied film over the solar cell while the watch hands are driven by a watch movement. Carbon expects that the addition of the watch function will have only a “relatively minor” impact to the Solar Charger’s main function.

Carbon Solar Charger

It is also possible to get the Carbon Solar Charger without the analog clock feature.

Carbon is aiming to start shipping the Solar Charger in August. A pledge for US$130 will get you the Solar Charger with analog watchface, a leather strap, a black silicone strap and a black crush proof case. Other pledge options are also available.

Carbon is nearly halfway through its Kickstarter campaign and has raised about a quarter of the US$48,000 it is looking for to bring the Solar Charger to reality.

Source : Kickstarter