Concept Sunday: Apple iWatch by Rolex

Apple iWatch by Rolex conceptApple is widely expected to jump into the wearables space later this year with a smartwatch of its own. Dubbed the iWatch, expectations are high that Apple will unveil a device that stands head and shoulders above the current crop of devices. What if it employed Rolex to help with that ambition? That’s the idea behind the iWatch by Rolex as envisioned by CURVED/labs.

The iWatch by Rolex drops the OLED display in favour of the classic chronograph look. The display blends analog and digital elements to convey information such as notifications. The transparent watch hands do not interfere with the display and glow in the dark for use at night. The bracelet and case both incorporate leather elements.

The user interface is inspired by the flat look of iOS 7 and uses the same icons and notifications to increase familiarity. It also sports a camera and illuminated buttons.

Much as the Moto 360 is expected to do, the iWatch by Rolex recharges wirelessly. At night, the watch can be recharged by docking it in a stand.

Before you put the iWatch by Rolex on your list of gadgets to own, keep in mind that should it come to market, it will do so with a Rolex-sized price.

Sources : CURVED/labs // Concept Phones