Concept Sunday: BlackBerry Classic concept

Blackberry Classic conceptBlackBerry will launch the BlackBerry Classic later this year. The new smartphone, formerly known as the BlackBerry Q20, will very much be a bridge device between BlackBerry’s older generation devices and its new BlackBerry 10 ones. Announced at Mobile World Congress, the QWERTY keyboard device with a 3.5-inch display will bring back the classic function keys, ‘Menu,’ ‘Back,’ ‘Send’ and ‘End,’ and trackpad found on earlier devices.

With a launch still months away, BlackBerry has yet to provide more information about it. Despite having been formally announced, we have yet to see an official picture of it. That has not stopped UrbanGlowCam from coming up with a concept of what the device will likely look like. Clearly inspired by the BlackBerry Q10 (which we reviewed back in July 2013 and shown on the left), it sports both the slightly larger 3.5-inch display and the iconic BlackBerry button belt that users of older BlackBerry devices will be familiar with.

The BlackBerry Classic concept runs on BlackBerry 10.3 which promises a flatter user interface and additional new features such Endless Folders, an updated BlackBerry Hub and a new camera interface.

It’s not the first time that we have seen a concept image of what the BlackBerry Classic could look like. We featured another back in March when it was still known as the BlackBerry Q20.

The BlackBerry Classic will launch in November. Details including carrier and pricing have yet to be announced.

Source : N4BB