Concept Sunday: Fashion houses update the Apple Watch

Apple Watch concepts by famous fashion housesApple unveiled its upcoming Apple Watch last week. While its launch is still a few months away, Apple gave everyone a good look at its first smartwatch which will be available in three collections, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Finishes will run from stainless steel to gold with a range of strap materials and colours. What if Apple also allowed the top fashion houses of the world to develop their own versions of the Apple Watch? That’s exactly what graphic designer David Lo tried to answer with these concepts.

Apple Watch concepts by Chanel

Lo came up with a number of concepts that adopt the design aesthetics of each fashion house. For example, leather features predominantly in Louis Vuitton’s model while Chanel goes for an all gold affair.

Alexander Wang keeps things minimal with a touch of gold and a marble print along the band, while Chanel‘s iconic interlocking rings add a wealth of luxury. Givenchy‘s tried-and-trued robotic print features subtly along the face with a hint of red on the Digital Crown. French fashion house Louis Vuitton‘s traveling heritage comes through via flag prints and a rich leather strap. Completing the collection, Maison Martin Margiela applies their avant-garde aesthetic by flipping the traditional dial with the bare essentials.

With luxury watch makers increasingly eyeing the smartwatch market (Tag Heuer being a case in point), should they partner with a company like Apple or Google that has already built an operating system for their devices? Or would you rather see them develop both the watch and the software that powers it?

Apple Watch concepts by Louis Vuitton

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