Gary Oldman back for second HTC One (M8) ad

HTC One (M8) adIn his first appearance for HTC, Gary Oldman told us to “ask the Internet” and form our own opinion about the HTC One (M8). HTC followed that up with Robert Downey Jr. ordering us to go and buy the HTC One (M8) to save him from being “possessed by a most foul spirit.” Oldman is now back in a new ad called “Power of Suggestion.”

After trying to convince you to empty your thoughts, he tells you to think that “the all new HTC One (M8) is the best phone in the world” and urges you to go buy one. Realizing that this won’t work because the HTC One (M8) is “designed for people who form their own opinions,” he once again urges you to see what the Internet has to say. Here is Oldman’s second HTC One (M8) ad:

Given that the HTC One (M8) has received predominantly positive reviews, the advice is sound. While the HTC One (M8) is clearly an evolution from its predecessor, it is a device worthy to take on other flagship smartphones.