Google Glass coming soon to Canada?

Google GlassWhen Google Glass first went on sale, it did so through a very limited program available only in the U.S. Resourceful individuals got around that limitation but it was not an easy process. Since then, Google has gradually made its first smartglasses easier to buy, first opening the program to everyone in the U.S. and now making them available through Google Glass. Expansion outside of the U.S. has so far been limited to the U.K. It now appears that Canadians could soon be able to buy Google Glass without having to resort to a trip down south.

When Google Explorer Brian Buquoi (who does not live in Canada) recently received a replacement Google Glass unit, it came with a card that shows that “Google Glass Explorer Edition has been approved by Industry Canada (IC) for use in Cnada, registered under IC: 10395A-XEC.”

Google Glass Industry Canada certification

Digging into the XE21 firmware, there is another sign that points to a potential Canadian launch soon. An image called regulatory_info_canada.png shows that same Industry Canada license number.

There is no word yet on when Google Glass could launch in Canada but it is at least one step closer to doing so today. Now that Google sells Glass through Google Play, it will presumably follow suit here in Canada. Expect pricing to fall in line with U.S. one.


Sources : +brianbuquoi // AndroidPolice