Google Glass

Unannounced Google Glass Enterprise Edition appears on eBay

Unannounced version of Google Glass

When Google shut down  its Glass Explorer program on January 19, 2015, it promised that we would “see future versions of Glass when they’re ready.” While Google has yet to unveil any new Glass products, rumours have hinted at a second-generation Glass that would be focused on the enterprise space. It now appears that those rumours were indeed correct. A pawn shop in San Francisco […]

Google Glass no longer smart glasses market leader

Google Glass

Google Glass made smart glasses a household name among early wearables adopters and consumers at large. While it’s not clear how well (or poorly) it sold, it became the defacto standard to which all other smart glasses were compared. Google put an end to its Glass Explorer Program in January 2015 but promised that it was not done with smart glasses. […]

Google working on in-ear wearable companion for new Google Glass

Updated Google Glass for Explorers

Google shut down its Glass Explorer Program about a year ago. It promised at the time that we’d “see future versions of Glass when they’re ready.” Rumours since have hinted that Google is working on a new Google Glass Enterprise Edition as well as screen-less headsets that would rely on audio technology. The latter has now been corroborated by Adam Mathes, EVP of Business […]

Luxottica working with Google on new Google Glass version

Google Glass

When Google announced the shutdown of its Glass Explorer Program on January 19th, it promised that we would see “future versions of Glass,” now part of  a new business unit headed up by Tony Fadell who also heads Nest Labs, when they would be ready. It’s been fairly quiet since though, leading to speculation that Google Glass was well and truly dead. […]

Google Glass coming soon to Canada?

Google Glass

When Google Glass first went on sale, it did so through a very limited program available only in the U.S. Resourceful individuals got around that limitation but it was not an easy process. Since then, Google has gradually made its first smartglasses easier to buy, first opening the program to everyone in the U.S. and now making them available through Google […]

Google upgrades Google Glass ahead of Google I/O 2014

Viewfinder on Google Glass

On the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Glass was headed to the UK, Google today announced that it is bringing some hardware and software upgrades to Glass. Given that the smartglasses remains in beta, albeit an extended one now, it can continue to collect feedback from its users to make improvements before it is ready for an eventual consumer release. The Explorer […]

Google Glass now available in the UK

Google Glass

Google Glass took its first steps to global availability today. Available only in the U.S. to date, Google announced that it is extending its open beta Explorer program to the UK as of today. The world sees the UK as a center (actually, a centre) of innovation. It has produced some of the greatest technology inventors and inventions of the last […]