Google Now to help you to pay your bills?

Google Now already offers a range of information based on your preferences. The simplest includes a location-based weather forecast and sports scores but more advanced capabilities can remind you of appointments and go as far as tell you when to leave so that you get there in time. As Google continues to develop the contextual awareness of the service, it could soon help remind you when it is time to pay your bills. A source “familiar with future Search plans” has told Android Police that such a feature is being worked on. Their own look into the code of a recent Search update supports this claim.

Once enabled, the service would help you track your bills for everything from your cell phone and credit cards to utilities. Much as Google Now does with other types of information, a new card would offer information such as the amount due and the due date. If available, it would also provide a link to quickly let you pay the bill online.

Android Police has put together a concept that shows how the new card could look:

Google Now Pay Bills card concept

The service will presumable use Gmail to obtain the necessary information. When the company sends you a bill, Google Now would ask you if you want to use a reminder for it. If you agree, it would pull the relevant information to populate the fields of the card. The service could also work with digital wallets as these continue to mature as well.

Google could also offer a new voice command such as “What is my next bill” to see a list of upcoming bills.

There is no word on if and when Google will add a bill features to Google Now at this point.

Would you want your smartphone to remind you of upcoming bill payments? Let us know below.

Source : AndroidPolice