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Toggle Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and flashlight with Google Now voice commands

Google Now Bluetooth voice command

Google Android 5.0 first launched back on last fall but it appears to have managed to keep a few secrets until now. AndroidPolice has discovered that it is now possible to both turn on and off certain settings using Google Now voice commands but only on devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop. If you have Android’s latest on your device, you can now […]

Google Now multi-language support delayed

Google Now

  Google Now currently supports over 50 different languages but does not have the ability to switch from one to another seamlessly. Google was to have added this capability in the near future but has now decided to delay this rollout. CNET has learned that “software problems” discovered in late testing are significant enough to warrant the delay. According to […]

Google Now to help you to pay your bills?

Google Now Pay Bills card concept

Google Now already offers a range of information based on your preferences. The simplest includes a location-based weather forecast and sports scores but more advanced capabilities can remind you of appointments and go as far as tell you when to leave so that you get there in time. As Google continues to develop the contextual awareness of the service, it […]

Google Now launcher available for Nexus and Google Play edition devices

Google Now Launcher app

When Google launched the Nexus 5 late last year, it introduced a new launcher called the Google Experience Launcher. It effectively merged the home screen with Google’s Search app and simplified access to Google Now. But the new launcher has remained a Nexus 5 exclusive until now (unless you include the enterprising attempts to bring it to other devices). That […]

Enabling ‘Ok Google’ on the Nexus 5 in Canada

'Ok Google' on Nexus 5

Update: This change is no longer required. The latest version of Google Search, dated February 7, 2014, has added support for both “English (Canada)” and “English (UK).” Once you’ve downloaded the update, just select the appropriate language setting. If you’re in Canada (or anywhere but the U.S. for that matter), you have discovered that one of the most interesting features […]