Humour: Jimmy Kimmel introduces the iWatch to Hollywood Boulevard

Jimmy Kimmel iWatchYou would think that people on Hollywood Boulevard would know by now that this is Jimmy Kimmel’s favourite hunting grounds when it comes to introducing new Apple products that are not Apple products. Kimmel, host of the ABC talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” returned to the famed street with an Apple iWatch iWatch in tow. Except that his smartwatch is really a US$20 Casio watch. Not that it mattered to those who got to play with the “iWatch.”

Reactions ran from one person saying that “I just like that it has an Apple insignia on the back.” to another impressed that the iWatch was always in Airplane Mode “because it saves on battery.” The fact that it can display the date and time is even billed as “a neat feature” by another.

Conclusion: Apple probably does not need to develop a killer smartwatch to sell millions of them. All it needs is a nice logo. “If it’s Apple, it’s good, right?” Right?