LG G Watch availability and pricing details revealed?

LG G Watch

A number of specification details about the LG G Watch have surfaced over the past few days thanks to a leaked system dump and service guide. Missing until now have been availability details but MoDaCo has now landed those. It reports that the LG G Watch will launch in the UK on July 7. They also have some news about pricing. While they don’t have a specific figure yet, they indicate that it will sell for less than the Samsung Gear 2 Neo which currently sells for £169.99 (about CA$310) but more than the Sony SmartWatch 2.

Not only will it undercut the cheaper of the two Samsung Gear 2 smartwatches currently on the market but it also sells for less than other popular smartwatches on the market today such as the Pebble.

In Canada, the Samsung Gear 2 Neo sells for about CA$219.99 and the Sony SmartWatch 2 for CA$199.99. If LG adopts the same pricing strategy here, we could see the LG G Watch sell for around the CA$200 mark as well. That would certainly fall in line with what we had heard back in late April.

LG announced the LG G Watch back in March but has provided few details about it since. We expect to hear a lot more about it (and likely the Moto 360) at Google I/O 2014 which takes place later this month.

Source : MoDaCo