LG to update LG G Flex and other devices to Android 4.4 KitKat

LG may not have said much about its plans to roll out Android 4.4 KitKat upgrades to its latest smartphones but it now appears that it is getting ready to update a number of them. The good news is that it appears that LG will also update mid-range devices, a move made easier by the fact that KitKat has been optimized for devices for lower specifications.

A tipster has sent us a list that they obtained by digging into the APK of LG’s Android 4.4 camera app (LGCameraAPP.apk). It reveals a number of devices, including both models that are out as well as some unannounced ones. Given that the APK is part of Android 4.4, the logical conclusion is that devices we know are running older Android versions will be upgraded to Android 4.4.

Among the known devices set to be upgraded are the LG G2, Optimus F3, Optimus F6, Optimus F1, and Optimus F3Q. You can also expect the LG G Pad 8.3, LG G Flex, the LG G Pro Lite  to be updated.

Our tipster also suggests that the list shows more devices than these few and even includes new devices that will presumably launch with Android 4.4. Among them are the LG-D315, the LG-D838 which just turned up on LG’s website yesterday and the LG-D830 and a few others.

In fact, the information we received is very similar to a report that PhoneArena posted a few days back. If their information does come from User Agent profiles as they indicate (we think it also comes from an APK file), it certainly provides good confirmation for our information.

If nothing else, all this suggests (assuming it is all legit) that LG is getting ready to upgrade more than a few recent devices to Android 4.4 KitKat in the coming weeks and that some upcoming devices will launch with it preinstalled.

Thanks, tipster!