UAProf file reveals LG D830

UAProf for LG D830Having been the topic of many a rumour, we now know that the LG D820 and D821 are the two variants of the Google Nexus 5. The LG D820 is for North America while the D821 is for the rest of the world. Now, a new model numbers, quite similar to the Nexus 5 ones, has surfaced on the LG website making us wonder what LG could have in store for this new device.

Found by @evleaks, the UAProf (user agent profile) file on the LG website is for a device bearing the model number LG D830. The file gives us a few tantalizing hints such as a Full HD (1080×1920) display, support for LTE and HSPA and that it will run on Android, possibly 4.3 based on the browser version string (AppleWebKit/534.3). But there’s little else to go on at this point.

So, what is the LG D830? Could it be another Google Nexus 5 variant? Could it be a completely new device? Perhaps that rumoured LG-built Google Nexus 10?

Feel free to make your own prediction below while we try to dig up more information on this new device.

Update (11/30/2013): The Webkit string has nothing to do with the Android version so it’s not even clear what version of Android will be on the LG D830 at this point. Thanks, Kevin!

Sources : LG // @evleaks


  1. Hi, the “AppleWebKit/534.3” has nothing relationship with the Android 4.3 OS

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