Lumia Cyan update now rolling to Nokia Lumia 625 in Canada

Nokia Lumia 625The Nokia Lumia 625 landed in Canada back in October 2013 courtesy of TELUS Mobility. It then made its way to both Rogers Wireless adn Fido earlier this year. It today became the first Canadian Windows Phone device to receive the Lumia Cyan update.

Along with all the improvements found in Windows Phone 8.1, the Lumia Cyan update adds a number of Nokia-specific enhancements for the the Nokia Camera, Creative Studio and Storyteller apps.

As for Windows Phone 8.1, it brings enhancements such as the new Action Center notification area, an improved keyboard and Internet Explorer 11 as well as S/MIME and VPN support for enterprise customers. It also adds the new Cortana personal assistant but the feature does not yet work in Canada. If you really want to use it here, you can by simply changing your language setting to English (US) though.

There is no word yet when Lumia Cyan will land on other Nokia Lumia smartphones in Canada. Meanwhile, the Nokia Lumia 635 which will come with Windows Phone 8.1 pre-installed also appears set to launch soon.