Production delays push Apple iWatch launch into December?

Rumoured Apple iWatch renderRecent rumours have all been pointing to a fall launch for the Apple iWatch but it appears that further production delays will push the launch further out. It now appears that Apple is still aiming to have its first smartwatch out this year but the launch could come as late as December and in much smaller quantities than initially expected.

It all started with a report yesterday on China’s Weibo social network. It suggests that production of the iWatch will not begin until November with a launch now planned for sometime in December. A report today by Apple iWatch supplier TPK warned that Q3 profits would come in lower than expected due to the iWatch’s “deferred release schedule.” The company now expects profits to rise in Q4 when iWatch production is now slated to begin.

In response, CLSA, an Asian equity broker and investment group, revised its iWatch shipment volumes downwards from an initial estimate of 20 million down to 6 million.

Those looking for an iWatch for Christmas will have to keep their fingers crossed not only that Apple can begin shipments in time and also that they can get their hands on one if if does.

If that was not enough bad news, it appears that the larger 5.5-inch iPhone (or iPhablet?) could also not launch until December. Production has also reportedly slipped and is now set to begin now in September.

If the delays are legitimate, when will Apple announce the iWatch? Could it do so alongside the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model and the larger 5.5-inch one at a single event rumoured for early September? Or will it hold a separate event later for it and possibly the also delayed 5.5-inch handset?

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