Microsoft to launch trio of new Nokia smartphones later this summer

Rumoured Microsoft Nokia Lumia Q3 2014 roadmap

Rumours of new Nokia Lumia devices have been floating around for some time now. A leaked roadmap obtained by the usually reliable @evleaks now sugests that Microsoft could launch three new Nokia smartphones, likely Lumia Windows Phone devices, later this summer, likely in time for the busy Back-to-school and holiday shopping seasons.

The timeline identifies the devices by their model numbers and gives each a “Sales decision’ milestone. @evleaks explains that the actual device release date typically follows three to four weeks after that milestone. Up first could be the RM-1017 with a possible launch date of mid- to late August. It appears that it will be followed by the RM-984 and RM-1028 in the mid- to late September timeframe.

Past rumours have suggested that the RM-1017 could be an entry-level Lumia smartphone. It could be a replacement for the Lumia 530. The RM-984 appears to be a mid-range Lumia smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1 and with a 5-inch HD (720×1280) display. Little is known about the RM-1028 at this point.

Past rumours have mentioned devices codenamed McLaren, perhaps a new flagship model, Superman and Tesla. It’s not clear though whether any of these match up with the models identified here.

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