Minor updates for Motorola Active Display and Assist apps

Motorola Active Display

Motorola has released to Google Play a number of apps for its Moto X and latest DROID smartphones as standalone ones. This allows it to update them without having to go through a more rigorous phone update process, making it easier to release updates for them. Motorola yesterday released two such updates, one for its Motorola Active Display and the other for Motorola Assist.

Version 1.2.8 of Motorola Active Display comes with:

  • Honors the system vibration settings. Turn vibration on/off by going to Settings -> Sound -> Vibrate on touch.
  • More bug fixes

Version 2.0.29 of Motorola Assist includes:

  • Added support to troubleshoot drive mode audio issues when connected to Bluetooth
  • Meetings where you’re marked as “Available” will no longer trigger meeting mode
  • Bug fixes!

Neither is a major update but updates that help improve and make apps more stable are always welcome.

Both updates are now live on Google Play. Update notifications should also be hitting your Moto X or DROID anytime now.

Note that these apps are only supported by the Moto X, DROID Ultra, DROID Mini and DROIDD Maxx.

Sources : Google Play (Active Display) // Google Play (Assist)