Motorola to launch 8 new devices including Nexus one by the end of the year?

Motorola logo

If the latest rumour holds true, Motorola could wrap up the year with the launch of 8 new devices. Between now and Christmas, Motorola could unveil three new DROID devices, four Motorola branded devices and a Nexus smartphone. It would certainly make for a very busy year-end especially as its acquisition by Lenovo is expected to close in the same […]

Minor updates for Motorola Active Display and Assist apps

Motorola Active Display

Motorola has released to Google Play a number of apps for its Moto X and latest DROID smartphones as standalone ones. This allows it to update them without having to go through a more rigorous phone update process, making it easier to release updates for them. Motorola yesterday released two such updates, one for its Motorola Active Display and the […]

Poll: Is a Motorola smartphone in your future?

Motorola Moto X in black

After being quiet for months, Motorola this month unveiled four new smartphones. Three are headed to Verizon as the latest DROIDs (the DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx and DROID Mini) and the fourth is the much anticipated Moto X that it just unveiled. All four come with a number of new features like Touchless Control by which they respond to voice-activated commands […]

Verizon unveils new DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx and DROID mini

Verizon 2013 DROID lineup

As expected, Verizon today unveiled its new DROID lineup, consisting of the DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx, and DROID Mini. Built on a Kevlar fiber unibody chassis with a water repellent nano-coating, all three devices feature a number of hardware enhancements over the previous generation including a processor that is 24% faster using Motorola’s own 8 core processor, a 100% faster […]

Motorola and Verizon to unveil new DROIDs on August 8th?

All Three DroidsDROID Mini - ULTRA - MAXX

We’ve already seen the new Verizon DROID smartphones built by Motorola in a number of leaked images. Details about specifications are still slim but it now appears that we have an announcement date. According to the usually reliable @evleaks, the two companies will unveil the new DROID lineup on August 8th. 8/8 does indeed look like DROID day. — Evan […]

The entire Droid family poses, says “CHEESE!”

All Three DroidsDROID Mini - ULTRA - MAXX

Once again, we have our friendly leaker, @evleaks, sending us a picture of the entire Droid family of phones. From left to right, we have the DROID Mini, DROID ULTRA, and the DROID MAXX. There is not much new in style, as they look very similar to the RAZR line. Little is known of their specifications – the ULTRA and […]

Verizon DROID MAXX revealed?

Rumoured Verizon DROID MAXX

While the upcoming Motorola Moto X is garnering most of the attention, evidence continues to grow that the Google-owned manufacturer is also working with Verizon to refresh the carrier’s DROID lineup. Three devices are expected based on past leaks, including the DROID MAXX (bearing model number XT1080M) which happens to be the subject of @evleak‘s latest tweet. The image gives us […]