Mobile devices account for 49% of Internet use in Canada

General - Tablet in useCanadians spend a lot of time online and that time is increasingly used with mobile devices. They spend an average of 33 hours online per month, enough to rank second in the world according to research firm comScore. 49% of that time is spent on smartphones and tablets. Messaging apps, social networks and mobile web searches are driving most of the mobile Internet use in Canada.

Not only are mobile devices increasingly becoming our go-to devices for accessing the Internet but they are starting to completely displace other devices. According to comScore senior account manager Paul Rich, 1.3 million Canadians use only their mobile devices to access the Internet. “Four per cent (of Canadian Internet users) look at online content in a month with (just) their mobile devices — their smartphone or tablet —and they don’t access anything on the desktop. That’s an emerging shift we’re seeing,” he said.

Canadian women are slightly more likely to have ditched their computers completely. They account for 55% of mobile-only Internet users. They also spend more time than men using mobile apps and mobile web browsers.

comScore estimates that there were 18 million smartphone and 7.8 million tablet owners as of June 2014. Smartphone and tablet adoption jumped 12% and 37% respectively since June 2013. In fact, 78% of Canadians mobile phone owners now use a smartphone, the second highest penetration rate behind Spain (83%) and ahead of countries like the U.K. (75%) and the U.S. (73%).

Streaming video to mobile devices has also jumped. 7.4 million Canadians do so at least one a month and 2.7 million do so at least once a week now.

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Source : CBC