Moto 360 smartwatch said to sport plastic casing

Rumoured Moto 360Motorola announced the Moto 360 the same day back in March that Google announced Android Wear. Both LG and Samsung have since launched their first Android Wear smartwatches (the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live respectively) but anticipation remains high for the Moto 360, thanks in large part to its circular face and premium look. It now appears that the build may not be quite as high-end as we expected. Industry sources now suggest that the main casing will be built out of plastic rather than the metal suggested by various promotional images.

The report also reveals a few additional details about the Moto 360. It will have a diameter of 48 inches and be 13.5 millimeters thick.

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On the heels of this report, the usually reliable @evleaks has posted new images of the Moto 360. While they give new glimpses at both the silver and black models, they neither confirm nor deny this new rumour. The casing could equally be plastic with a brushed metal finish or the real deal.

The Moto 360 could also be the first Android Wear smartwatch to come with an ambient light sensor. This would allow it to automatically adjust the brightness of the display.

We still have no launch date for the Moto 360. It is now expected to launch alongside the Moto X+1, hopefully later this summer or early fall at the latest. More recent rumours have also suggested that it could sell for as much as CA$480 (about US$450). With only 15% of our readers expressing an interest in spending more than CA$300 on the Moto 360, it appears that most are not ready to spend a premium price for a smartwatch, even if a premium one.

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