Concept Sunday: Leather smartphone brings flexible to Windows Phone

Concept leather smartphone

Following up on his entry-level Nokia Lumia 330 concept, Jonas Daehnert, better known as Phone Designer, is back with a higher-end device that shows the true promise of flexible devices. As the name implies, the leather smartphone is made of leather and other flexible components (display, battery, etc).

The Leather Phone’s look is very reminiscent of the faux-leather back that Samsung used on a number of devices such as the Galaxy Note 3. But unlike Samsung’s, this would use real leather and sport the seams and stitching that you so often find on leather goods. It may not be a device that you can roll up but it would certainly flex a lot more than our current devices.

The Leather Phone is powered by Windows Phone with physical buttons incorporated into the bottom of the device. A camera is incorporated into the top of the device as well.

Concept leather smartphone

The Leather Smartphone concept highlights that flexible components will not only bring a yet-unseen malleability to our mobile devices but will also open the door to completely new materials for the finish (although Motorola is rumoured to be taking steps in that direction with leather backplates for the Moto X+1).

Phone Designer promises more pictures later so we may revisit this concept in the future to see how it develops.

Source : Facebook (Phone Designer)