Moto 360 wireless charger revealed

Rumoured Moto 360

A new gallery of Moto 360 pictures have emerged courtesy of Italy’s The extensive set of photos gives us not only a look at the smartwatch itself but also its Moto 360 wireless charger and also puts it next to the LG G Watch to give us a better sense of its size.

Rumoured Moto 360 next to LG G Watch

As expected, the Moto 360 will use inductive charging to recharge the battery. A cradle will provide power via magnetic Qi induction while holding the watch on its side so it can remain usable even as it charges.

Rumoured Moto 360 charging

The report also sheds more light on the watch itself. It confirms that the watch case is made of stainless steel rather than plastic as recent rumours suggested. It will also be waterproof with an IP67 certification and the straps will be interchangeable. Battery life is described as being twice that of the LG G Watch and good for about two and a half days when worked “very hard” and longer under more moderate use.

On the sensor side, the report suggests that the Moto 360 will come with a heartbeat monitor, ambient light sensor (something we have heard before) and a pedometer.

Rumoured Moto 360

The circular display that gives the Moto 360 its rather distinctive look may limit the apps that can run on it though. Apps strictly designed for square displays may not work on its round display.

The report suggests that the Moto 360 is unlikely to sell for less than €250 (about CA$370). It is expected to launch later this summer perhaps alongside the Moto X+1.

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